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Live Mindfulness Trainings + Digital Courses

Helping Leaders, Educators, and Parents De-stress for Success 


Connect with Empathy. Lead with Focus. Succeed Together.

Sol Sense Yoga helps you, your kids, and schools de-stress for success, so you become the person everyone loves (including yourself!), using fun, practical, and relatable research-based mindset and mindfulness tools to optimize social and emotional well-being and overall performance for all ages.

To book a live training in the Greater Houston Area for your school and educators visit the Teachers/Training tab. To register for our digital courses for educators and schools, parents, and leaders visit the Courses tab.

We also offer a complete mindfulness tools + resources line, including a customizable, CASEL aligned, mindfully-infused social and emotional learning curriculum for educators and schools, to help you shine bright, whether you are age 5 or 105! To purchase resources and products for home or school click here.

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My live trainings, digital courses, and resources are personally guaranteed. They are specifically designed to get you sustainable and lasting results by transforming overwhelm, stress, burn out, disconnection, and lack of motivation experienced by many parents, educators and leaders, and students into ease and peace, increased focus and concentration, consistent emotional self-regulation, greater presence and awareness, and quality engagement and collaboration in all relationships. 

You (and your team) are just a few mindful breaths away to living your best and brightest self and becoming the person everyone loves! Now, breathe that in several times. Feels good right? There’s more when you are ready.  

Keep shining (and breathing) bright,




PS. Elevate Your Classroom –   Mindfulness Education + Training for Educators, Parents, and Students.  

Classroom Management Made Easy:
Mindfulness Education + Training for Educators, Parents, and Students