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Welcome to Sol Sense Yoga!

Sol Sense Yoga offers insights, inspiration, and practical tips on a variety of health and wellness topics for the entire family, including yoga, mindfulness, and whole foods, plant-based nutrition. Whether you are an adult looking to deepen your personal wellness journey, a parent looking for simple ways to thrive in your parenthood, or a mom seeking to connect with like-minded, growth mindset individuals and have a few giggles in the process you will find a wealth of information on my three thought-provoking, authentic, and down-to- earth blogs for the post-modern family of all shapes, colors, and sizes:

Practical Tools & Tips
To make every day, an awesomesauce day!

Those that are looking for more hands-on experiences for what Sol Sense Yoga offers, be sure to check out my Classes and Events and take a group class or schedule an affordable private session for you, your kids, or the entire family. If you are a fellow educator and desire yoga and mindfulness for youth presentations and/or trainings at your school, church, community center, camp, and/or juvenile justice center check out the Teachers/Training section.

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I trust you will enjoy all that Sol Sense Yoga has to offer you and your family. Remember, live the light, live the love, and live the awesomesauce!

Love and Hugs,