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Changing the World Through Our Children

I was raised in a fairly sheltered life.  I was mostly guarded from seeing people engage in acts of domestic violence and destructive addictions of alcoholism and drugs. Yet, because of the nature of my family connections, I always carried a very intimate relationship with trauma and violence in my life.  My blood father abandoned me as a child and my mom wasn’t capable of being a “mom” in the competent protector, nurturer kind-of-way.   But I did have two amazing grandparents who raised me in a home provided with love and stability, believe-in-yourself attitude, and physical, emotional and spiritual security.

So, all in all, I fared well.  I am truly blessed.  And today, I not only have 2 wonderful grandparents in my life (though one is watching over me in various energy forms over this great earth), I have a mom and a blood father, who I am happy to say are a big part of my life now.  I will save my own journey of healing for another blog post, yet I must make clear that a big part of my life is dedicated to changing the world through my bright spirited 7-year old son.  And, as any dedicated parent knows, the buck stops here folks.

Each time you turn on the TV news for a few minutes you will see unchecked anger and trauma manifested in millions of violent acts a day.  Kids shooting kids, bullies attacking innocent victims, wives/husbands being beaten, parents screaming obscenities at their children, wars, wars, and more wars.

There is an Eastern Proverb relevant here – “Having a child does not make you a parent.”

To be a good parent and positive role model you must be in optimal condition and strive for that every single day of your life.  Before you can make a difference and guide a child on a healthy path, you must make sure you have 3 fundamental things in check:

–           Emotions;
–           Mind; and
–           Body

If you would like to read a refreshing book about the 3 pillars of transformation, check out Max Strom’s A Life Worth Breathing.

You have to feed the body healthy food and liquids, exercise the kinks out of the physical body, nourish the mind with rest and breath, and train your emotions as a practice of your life every single day.  These everyday practices will naturally become sacred, and your spiritual life will be elevated. These are the fundamental values we must teach our children and instill in our children.

If we don’t do this as parents, then any health matters attempt is futile.  It’s like building a wall and expecting to walk through it.   If you don’t have children, then you probably know someone who does.  You can make a difference one breath and one step at a time.

We all can change the world to a more beautiful, peaceful, and sacred place by raising the consciousness of our children.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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