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Raining Graces

When I started practicing yoga I became more tuned into the way Grace played a daily role in my life.  Before yoga became a part of my life, I saw and understood glimpses of it, but my relationships to others and to myself at the time created so much static I didn’t know what to really make of it.

Yoga is a transformative conduit that connects you to your higher Self.  Yoga helps purify and unify the mind, body and breath. When I breathe slowly and methodically I become centered as my thoughts slow down, and in that centeredness I can tune into the divine power within me and around me.
Ever feel that incredible energy surrounding your personal space?  If you have never tried yoga, then just try this, which can be done anywhere and anytime you have a quiet space and few moments (please take shoes and socks off):
Stand tall with feet hips width apart, root your feet into the earth beneath you, arms hang with active palms and fingers by your side, close your eyes and invite your breath into the body, slowing it down each inhale and exhale, for about ten breaths.  Next, inhale palms together to heart center, prayer position, and stay one breath, and on the next inhale, keeping elbows bent at 90 degrees open the arms slowly with active palms and fingers spread wide until your elbows become in-line with the side of your body, and exhale the palms slowly back together.  Your palms will be at heart center, prayer position, but will be away from the chest about 4-6 inches.  Repeat several times inhaling palms away and exhaling them back together.
If you are fully present in the moment, you will notice and feel that your palms will start to magnetize to each other.  That magnetization you feel between your palms, that energy, that’s what we want to be tuned into.  When we are centered and present in each moment we can tune into the Raining Graces each day of our life. Or, in renowned author, Carolyn Myss’s words, “we are hardwired to receive divine guidance every day.” I like to think of these moments in our life as “Raining Graces”.  Water nourishes and purifies the body and there is so much symbolism and imagery used in the world’s spiritual, religious, and sacred texts that I believe the term “Raining Graces” fits well here.  Now, follow me to the next level here – rain sometimes comes down in small, steady, slow drops, and other times its heavy, the drops are big and the rain is torrential.

That’s exactly how Raining Graces work in our life.   But the key here is that we must be tuned into that energy, that presence every day. If we’re not, then then the rain drop of Grace might not soak into your body to nourish you and guide you, it may just roll off because your static acts like a wax and doesn’t allow the nourishment to get through.

The course of my life now is created through decisions I make from the purifying nourishment I consciously choose to tap into every day because of my yoga practice.  I am truly grateful to have found such a transformational conduit that opens up the channels and allows the Raining Graces to soak inside of me.

And, I am always inspired by hearing stories of Raining Graces and to share this amazing power of the divine with you.  One such story comes to mind that a friend said I could share here with you today.  My friend, Curtis recalled a story of his cousin, Monica.
Curtis’s uncle called him up and said Monica was having a tough time with a situation in life that was bringing her down and Curtis immediately decided to say this to his cousin, Monica “The more we as humans could care less, will turn into the, “less we care” all together.  Do not fall into that category just because others choose to.  Surround yourself with good people and you will receive all the care you give out in return.  Truly love life and it will love you back.  I’m 36 and still don’t understand people.  Sometimes I think they don’t understand themselves.  I look at it as if we might know something they don’t.  God has talked to me in many ways without me knowing – in acts of kindness, through my writings, and people I come into contact with.  I don’t even realize it until days or months go by.  It’s a beautiful surprise.  We create our own heaven and hell on earth.  Make it beautiful. Monica.  Life is beautiful!” Monica in response said “Thank you so much!  That is spot on exactly what I needed to hear today.  I love you so very much. I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve been feeling very down lately because of the actions of people.  This made me incredibly happy!”
Raining Graces nourished two people that day, and an incalculable number of others who came into contact with Curtis and Monica.  Their story represents the rain metaphor beautifully.  On that day Raining Graces travelled eloquently at just the right time when Curtis’s uncle called upon him, and created a rain shower of awareness that day that permeated Curtis’s and Monica’s essence, and took them another step higher in their consciousness.

This is one story of how Grace can shower you clean and lift you up a level closer to your higher Self.  Some days you will receive a sprinkle, maybe a shower, and others you might experience a lightning storm of pouring rain.  Each Raining Grace is unique in its own right.  Make time to slow down, come to your breath, and open your channels to Raining Graces.

Tell me, how are Raining Graces working in your life?

For me today, my Raining Grace was to share this story with you.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea



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