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Random Acts of Kindness

Each small,  medium, and large act of kindness you do does make a huge difference.   The  smile you give a stranger just turned a mom’s depressed state of mind into a  feeling of exhilaration and reminded her of the light within, and that same mom  instead of speaking harshly to the clerk at the store, spoke nicely to him and  even complimented his diligence, so when the clerk left from his shift, he  thought about the mom that took to the time to speak of his hard work, and when  he met a homeless man on the corner he gave him his spare change and the  homeless man went to buy some food at the store and after the homeless man ate,  the next time he asked for money this happened:

I man outside  the ice-cream store asked for some spare change and a mom gave her son a few  dollars and told him to give the guy some change since he needed some and told  her son to tell him “have a blessed day”.  The homeless man left.  The mom and  son left and were a few blocks away, when all of a sudden the homeless man says  loudly trying to catch the woman’s attention, “Ma’am, may I say something to your son?” and the Mom says “sure”.  The  homeless man looks at the young boy in his eyes and said with deep love and passion “Don’t ever forget that  your mom is your best friend, always remember that.”

The first  part of my story was an example of how an open heart cultivates and spreads the  great healing energy of love.  The second part of my story is a true story about the healing energy and cycle of love.  I was that mom and that boy was my son.

No matter how  bad you think your day is, no matter what trials and tribulations you face,  remember to persevere in love.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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