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Take a Soul Selfie

Ferry Ride

Your breath is the camera into your soul.   Take a soul selfie.  Breathe deep, deeper, click, the image we capture in breath is unfiltered and undistilled.   When we breathe our soul image out we share our soul selfie with the world.

We want to take a lot of pictures with our breath, hold, savor, and let it resonate.  We want to snap the picture in the magic of resonance, and then prep it for travel out of the physical body into the world to manifest into light energy that vibrates the quality of love.  Each time we take a soul selfie we unfilter the image of our Self of our essence a little more.

Soul selfies are inexpensive to process or to create, but their value in the world is priceless.  We want to breathe in and snap images to carry forth our primal being of connection and love.

When we start taking soul selfies the images may be hard to read and decipher; our soul selfie images may be like this for a while, but continue to breathe deeply and stay steadfast in this process.  With each breath we are clarifying the picture; we are processing the image in the dark room and prepping it to connect to its lighted essence.

It’s hard to see this small step by step growth sometimes when we lose the connection to our awareness we gain from our breath.  Here is where we must keep our faith. And, then breathe some more, because that is the key to processing an unfiltered image that connects you to your ultimate soul selfie.

We all need to take a break from the ego selfie.  Ego selfies are created from disconnected and interrupted breath.  Ego selfies manifest in anger, violence, lack, unforgiveness, and a variety of health issues.  Not all ego selfies manifest this way, it’s the imbalanced ego selfie we must be keenly aware of and guarded against.

Keep breathing and we’ll connect the soul selfie to the ego selfie and give birth to the I Am Selfie.  Balanced ego selfies give us the energy to create images that ignite action, resilience, abundance, and love.

Get your camera ready, take a few moments every day and let’s breathe deeply, click the image, take a soul selfie, and breathe out the I Am Selfie to manifest in the joyous presence of our life.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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