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Instant Heart Messaging

Heart Center

We create, foster, and maintain relationships through a new medium – (IM) instant messaging.  We communicate not through words face-to-face as a norm today, but through instant messages.  We even have apps filled with cutely created and fun emoticons that say in images what we no longer say in words.  Communication has shortened and become disconnected from our heart center.

I love instant messaging.  It’s convenient and as an introvert/extrovert mix, it helps me maintain the solitude I need.  But, too much of it becomes impersonal.   Our natural flow of energy has to a large extent become hijacked.  We are the head down, phone at heart center generation.

Let’s breathe together slowly this year and extend our breath.  Let’s synchronize our heart space and send (IHM) instant heart messages.

Our hearts have electromagnetic fields that synchronize in the perfect order with the electromagnetic fields of things and others when we tap into using our heart as a perceptual organ.  The molecules in our heart center begin to act in coherence.  New cells hook into the pacemaker cells that set the beating pattern in the heart and begin beating in time with the first, which is called entrainment.  As the millions of cells come together, the perceptual capacities that are unique come into being.    Buhner, Stephen. (2012, January).  How You Can Really Listen With Your Heart.  Spirituality & Health, the Soul-Body Connection, 79-83.

Buhner further explains that we can reach a state of “heart coherence”, where the rhythm of the heart sets the beat for the entire organ system and body.  This gives the heart field greater depth and power and it brings immediate positive changes in our brain function.  Large portions of cells in the forebrain begin oscillating to the rhythm of the heart.  When we are in a state of heart coherence and we are open to entrainment with another electromagnetic field, the quick communication between the two organisms happens naturally.   The two fields merge and the flow of energy is strong in connection and love.

How do you reach this amazing entrainment and coherence?  You can practice this on an object or with someone.  Close your eyes and start to breathe deeply, quieting the mind, and bringing your awareness to the object or person.  We do this by breathing the object or person’s presence through our heart center, not asking ourselves any discriminating questions, but we ask something softer and more open such as “How does this feel as I breathe deeply?”  Continue to breathe deeply for several breaths.  Once we start slowing our breath down, we get out of our mind space and into our heart space.

We can practice entrainment and coherence anytime and anywhere.  When we are in a state of coherence we can send out instant heart messages of love, healing, connection, compassion, and understanding.

Let’s put our phones and tablets down for bit, and evolve this year from instant messaging to instant heart messaging as the norm of our world today.  Let’s be the new generation of heads up, hearts open and IHMing love and connection.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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