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The Missing Piece and The Big Om


Something is missing she said.  It doesn’t feel right she said.  Stop.  Breathe.  Slowly and deeply.  I was looking outwardly trying to fill up on anything and everything that could fill the void I felt within.  I went through things, people and places, and that feeling of completeness never lasted long.

I’m reminded of Shell Silverstein’s classic childhood story of the Missing Piece Meets the Big O.  In the story, the missing piece is a wedge who tries to fit into all kinds of shapes and sizes of shapes, but none of the shapes worked for the wedge.  The wedge finally found the perfect piece, the fit was like magic.

After some time, the wedge grew and it didn’t fit into the circle anymore.  The missing piece was faced with a major decision – keep looking for the perfect shape or learn how to be a missing piece on my own?

The missing piece learned how to roll and at first it was a blop, actually it was a lot of blopping until its edges began to soften and round.    After many blops in its journey the missing piece could finally roll smoothly.  And suddenly the Big O appeared into the missing piece’s awareness and instead of trying to fill in missing pieces the missing piece rolled together with the Big O.

When we try to fill our holes externally, we become the missing piece never quite finding the ‘perfect’ piece.  The void we feel is a physical symptom of the disconnection from who we really are – the I Am that I Am.

There is a journey we all walk where in our yoga/meditation/prayer/spiritual practice we learn to tune out and tune in.  We can build bridges with our breath to connect to our highest Self.  When we invest in our holistic development, we soften our edges.  With each breath and each step, we have a little less ‘blopping’ and move more swiftly and smoothly through the divine currents of life.

We all have holes; they are necessary fuel for growth.  We must find them, recognize them, and grow consciously from them.  In time, the void gets smaller.  The missing piece is healed as a bridge of connection is built to our highest Self.   When we focus inward and begin to slowly connect to the manifest aspects and unmanifest aspects of the divine, we truly feel and understand the meaning of Om – the universal connection to the vibration of the divine in all things.

When we fill the holes with divine love we become more whole.  Breathe deeply into your missing piece, soften your edges, entertain your ‘blopping’ through life with laughs and acceptance, and you will find the Big Om you’ve been looking for.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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  • se January 19, 2014, 1:59 am

    Thank you for reminding us of this connection. What a great way to heal…..

  • Athea Davis January 27, 2014, 10:15 pm

    Thank you, se. In light and love we will do amazing things. Love and Hugs – Athea.