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Conscious Connection: Love Letters From Within

Clam Heart

If you look deep into my eyes and listen with your whole heart, if you take the armor off and the break the walls down, and show me your nakedness, and show me your soul – I’m in love, instantaneously.  You might be a stranger, but if you get naked with me, soul naked, I can feel your kindred spirit and I fall in love with you immediately.  I feel pure love and connection.

It might be that that is the only moment we ever share together, and of course it may be we have many moments of conscious connecting. You may be a female, male, child, animal, tree, flower, plant, lover friend, foe, it really doesn’t matter who or what you are.  What matters above all else is this – Is your spirit present for mine?

As I stood on the bluff overlooking the river, he said “you’re different from the others, you’re genuine.”  On a recent adventure trip with my son, we connected with a kindred spirit.  After our initial introduction, it took maybe 5 minutes or less and I was in love with this kindred spirit.  It wasn’t intimate in love in the sense that I desired sexual intimacy or an intimate partnership, it was the kind of in love that I call “Conscious Connecting”, what I refer to as getting naked in soul and real with one another.

His spirit touched mine and I was filled with such love in the moment of connection for my new kindred spirit friend.  He looked deep into my eyes with a calm steady peace and asked a genuine question about my life and he genuinely listened.  It didn’t take long before he said that I reminded him of his daughter who is about the same age as me.  We knew each other within less than an hour, but we shared intimate pieces of our life story.

Our bodies, our spirits, and our minds were connecting and charging such uniform energy together.  I felt such immense and pure love for my new kindred spirit friend.  I fell in love.  I was consciously connecting.  It was a divine coupling of kindred spirit energy.  We were both divine messengers.  We both intently listened to the messages to be infused into our heart, allowing them to linger in our spirit, and in an unspoken way we acknowledged our duty to release these divine pieces of love out and into new connections in our world.

Our meeting left a profound imprint on my soul and is a source of light and love energy that I now pull from in everything I think, say, and do.   There was no attachment.  It was just pure unbridled love between two friendly kindred spirits.

As my son and I were leaving our adventure trip several days later, my new light and love friend came by to give gifts, just as I was preparing to give a small gift to him.  I had no idea he was coming with gifts when I was preparing my own gift.  The gifts we exchanged were just small tokens of form that materialized or sealed the divine connection we shared.  The real gift was formless.  The real gift was that our spirits infused us with pure love to carry far into the next steps of our journeys.

One of the gifts to my son was a fossilized clam heart and he gave it to him with such joy saying that the Indians gave gifts such as these to people they loved and cared about.  I gave him some special nourishment of home cooked southern vegetarian cuisine I made.  There we were again, standing naked in front of each other.  We were loving and being present for each other’s spirits.

I consciously connected with my new kindred spirit friend. My heart released the love letters within. He gave me the gift of pure love, as did I to him, and we shared the gift of pure love and connection.  He carried forth an important message of pure love to me, which I carry forth now in my own story and is now infused in my own journey.

How does conscious connection happen?  Conscious connection occurs when the depths within us connect to the inward depths of other sentient beings.  In other words, our highest selves are communicating with the higher selves of other sentient beings.  We speak the conversation on and through a high vibrational level.  The more we look inward, the more conscious connection we will experience.  The more we look inward, the more we will understand the meaning of ourselves and our life, the more we will act from our highest self, and the more we will connect to others from what I call – the love letters within.

In the words of Mark Epstein from The Trauma of Everyday Life, “We are attached not only to our possessions and our passions but to our smart phones, our tablets, and our devices, obsessively consuming connection, while in the words of MIT professor Sherry Turkle, “avoiding conversation.”  Epstein further quotes Dr. Turkle, “we want to be digitally in touch but often do so at the expense of a deeper conversation with one another and with ourselves.”

As the Buddha realized from his spiritual journey, we are “a lamp unto [ourselves].”  When we consciously connect to the love letters within, we draw forth the bright light of wisdom and stay wired in to our divine meetings, we let go of attachments and experience pure love and connection.  Put consuming connection up on the shelf and give it a rest, and speak your heart songs to yourself and to all you meet.  Allow the love letters within to unfold in all their conscious connecting beauty.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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