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Invisible Weaver

basket weaver

I loved someone once so deeply that loved their addiction more than they loved themselves and life.  Perhaps you have loved someone like that or still do. If you have been touched by the darkness of addiction in your life through your own addiction or someone else’s addiction you may resonate with the imagery of the piece I entitled Invisible Weaver.

You are a basket weaver

Who recently suffered from a stroke

And can no longer use his hands

To weave the intricacies

That hold life in tact

You can no longer use your mind

To envision the form

Or to even pretend

Through all the dressings of your cloak

I see you walk through the field

Your basket in hand

Picking the fruits

Of your invisible labor

But the basket weaves

They unravel

One by one

As the darkness in your heart

Consumes you

With each passing moment

And you get to the end

Crooked smile in tow

To enjoy the sweetness

Of your finds

But nothing is there

And instead of weaving another basket

You weave webs in your mind

A vague buoyancy

Soon disintegrating into nothingness

The best we can do for ourselves and those we love that are battling addiction is to love from a compassionate distance.  We cannot change them.  We can however guide them only to remember the divine light within and then we must let go. The invisible weaver speaks to a disease that not only can attack the addicted, but can also attack the one trying to help.  Never stop loving and never stop being compassionate, but do so without attachment.  In this way we find peace with a difficult and painful situation.

As Mary Oliver has said “I loved someone once that gave me a box full of darkness.  It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”  As we navigate the dark spaces and relationships in our life, let us not forget the gems of growth and awakening that can emerge like Phoenix rising from the ash.

And so it is, in the darkest hours of our life we find the brightest gift of light from the divine.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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