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Into The Dark Depths I Float

Let the light shine in

Let us remember to honor the beauty in the light and the dark, for not with one, but two, our breath and our lives are magical.

Into The Dark Depths I Float

I sit in the fall sun

Watching the rays flicker

On the wings of a bird

Whose Grace pulled

And tugged me back

To the depths of pain

A blurred vision

Through the stained glass

Of calm rage

You left imprinted on my mind

The wind whispered

Through the leaves

Shifting my breath

I gazed forward


By the whiskey trail’s inviting darkness

Hypnotized by the chatter

I walked the scars

Rinsing my hair in the blood

Of your screams through the bars

The glistening I can see from afar

I laid my head back, reaching my hand for the sky

To catch the wings of your spirit’s core

You were trekking

You were stumbling

In the vertigo markers

Where time catapulted you to a land and a space

Where there was no more

No more wind songs

No more rays of light

No more love

Feeble fate cast you to the bottom of the ocean floor

My heart floats the water’s surface

Seeing glimpses of the soul I once knew

Sometimes in the subtle pauses

I hear your laughter

Painted in ripples

On the water’s canvass

And so dear Utah, you are right

The past didn’t go anywhere, it’s right here

The tears pour out

While my deep breath creates a raft

I glide to the horizon

In ah at the colors pulling me forward

I look back to say goodbye

Noticing that the water is clam and flat

So I look forward again

There are no whats, no ifs, and no buts

Only a myriad of possibilities…

Of the kind you want to wrap around yourself

In the darkest hour

So I flew on the wings of a bird

Whose Grace brought me back to the Light.


Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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