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The Ultimate Artistic Experiment

Concentric circles

This is where the fireworks are. When you mix two colors and create a new spectacular one. It’s where two conformist ideas come together mixed with enough inspiration and new thought is born. It’s where science and art coalesce, neighborhoods and factions dissolve, and the universe illuminates.

It’s the ultimate artistic experiment. And, it all begins with a simple question – How can I tune into my inner awesomesauceness everyday?

If we get really curious about that question, we’re in for a mind-blowing adventure. Bye-bye old school and welcome new cool. Science provides the rules and the structure, whereas art provides the formless picture of possibility.

When the two come together in a curiosity of sorts, the making of your own masterpiece begins, but first we need to go shopping for the right supplies – ruler, compass, microscope, paints, and brushes. Now the research can begin properly. Or perhaps I mean the proper research can begin.

Write the formula. Graph out the points. Paint the circles and the squares. Splatter the gaps with color.   From that experience hypothesize if the way you crossed the “t”s and dotted the “i”s is going to feel amazing.

Then comes the really fun part of all – living your life within the formula, within the textures of the graph and colored with the most magnificent hues aligned on a palette ready to dance onto the canvass of life – the experiment!

This is where we get to paint, sing, and dance our little heart out. It certainly is fun to create the foundation where we hypothesize, daydream, and create our life in textured molds or swayed lines on a page, but this phase is the real deal. We get to take the textured molds and swayed lines and put them in motion – we get to exhale our life force into them. Then the molds and swayed lines reform into something unimaginable because they contain the honeydew of time, an essence that cannot be contained or refrained, yet fueled by the earlier work of clear and focused attention.

We explore whether the hypothesis is working by engaging in a little clear and focused attention everyday, and if something doesn’t feel right or something in the external world isn’t functioning quite well, we reformulate, repaint, and re-plot the graph – we adjust, adapt, and change our life’s journey to a point where we feel balanced, peaceful, and joy. How do we know that we are in this state? We feel a steadiness and equableness in our mind and our heart most of the time.

We won’t reach perfection, but we can reach a certain state of equanimity that is recognizable to our internal state if we attune ourselves to those messages by gifting our hearts and minds a little silence everyday.

Here’s where we analyze the data and draw conclusions. We formulate an opinion about what worked in our artistic experiment and what didn’t and we communicate our results. We share our story. We communicate the results because somewhere, somebody will connect to our story and it will inspire them to journey on their own ultimate artistic experiment and thus the cycle of healing begins within ourselves and others.

So, let’s get busy formulating, graphing, and filling in the lines with color then shout out the results. Dare to share because someone will hear you without fear and hearts will open with each colorful exhale.

Paint your art, put your formula in motion, and dance the curves within the textured graph of your beautiful life. Enjoy the experiment and soak in the spectacular ride. Go ahead, take your hat off and let your hair blow in the wind. It’s way more fun this way.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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