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Dream Big and Do The Work

In my last piece, The Dream Life – Invisible Graces, I stated that I would share some practical tips in all things awesomesauce. Some of you are in some really stuck places and you may not know how to get out. Yes, it’s ok to say it out loud because that’s the first step – you don’t like the life you are living and you desire to live differently.

Yet, somehow, you can’t seem to get unstuck from your current state of affairs and this is blurring the heck out of your vision forward. No worries, because I have some down to Mother Earth pointers here that are staples in my own dreaming big and doing the work. Take what works for you and pass on the rest to someone else.

Oh, and if you missed the last post, you can re-read The Dream Life by clicking here – https://www.solsenseyoga.com/2017/03/09/dream-life-invisible-graces/

Practical Tip in Awesomesauce #1 – Every Minute Counts

We are all pressed for time. Yes, we are all connected, all the time. Somehow it feels as though this technological connection is speeding up our biological system at rates faster than we can process. While some of that is true, don’t forget that when you dream big, that every minute counts. Literally. Always keep a notebook on hand for those slippery moments of inspiration. Keep a book on your phone so you don’t waste all of your time zoning out on social media. Feed your brain good stuff. Tackle a to-do list while waiting in line at the grocery store. Take a few mindful breaths. You get the idea. Yes, we must carve out time to handle our projects and for self-care, but don’t underestimate the power of a few minutes. They add up!

Practical Tip in Awesomesauce #2 – Ungroup to Regroup

It’s natural that we connect to people like us. We are wired that way. The really amazing thing, too, is that we can also bring awareness to this natural human tendency of ours and seek out what is different from us. There are so many perspectives out there that can teach us so much and even teach us about our own perspectives. We all have blind spots. Let’s learn to ungroup to regroup. Read books that have different opinions than you hold. Reach out and make friends that are not your usual point of contact. Ungroup to regroup your mindset. It will carry you far and open up your horizons. Who knows, perhaps your next bit of motivation and inspiration will come from the place you least expect – the ungroup.

Practical Tip in Awesomesauce #3 – Get Out of Mind and Into Heart

We can really get off course when we are too much in our head. We definitely want to keep our heads on straight, but we also want to give our heart space center stage sometimes. Sure, we need both to take a healthy course of action, but with so much emphasis on today’s analysis, charts, and data our heart strings can really get dusty and out of alignment. So, get out of your head and into your heart. What does that mean? Listen to the voice that comes up, not on impulse, but with pure intention. It’s a place of thinking that is felt, not really said in words. If it feels right in the body, it’s very likely you are exercising your heart space. Tune into this place. It holds a lot of power and it holds the key to helping us realize our dreams. Our mind space will help us do the work along the way.

Practical Tip in Awesomesauce #4 – Take Risks With a Data Back Up

Dreaming big and doing the work has almost nothing in common with being comfortable. In fact, being uncomfortable most of the time is key. But, there’s a right way to navigate the scary edge of our comfort zone. Take the risk with a data back up. This can mean a lot of things. If you are changing careers and there’s different salary involved, make sure your living expenses can cut the new deal. Also, be prepared to not be liked, which means that if you put your writing or your art out there, no one may notice or they could really not like it. Of course, it can totally be the opposite, too, and they love it. Be ready for both – on either side of the fence. When you jump, you may not know the exact direction of where you are landing, but you have a general idea of the terrain involved. Think of it as a calculated risk.

Practical Tip in Awesomesauce #5 – Connect to Creativity

Some of my math and science friends may give me a smirk for this one. Our creativity feeds all other areas of our life. Go color, draw, garden, cook, or build something for fun and not work (yes, I’m speaking to you my sweet engineers). Go create because it makes your heart happy. Some of our best times of inspiration come from the times we let our mind run free in creative activity. This is true for artists and mathematicians.

Go ahead and get unstuck. Our dreams don’t manifest overnight. Some of us get lucky and somehow get to dream big and slide by the do the work part. Most of us, however, must work hard at what we love. So, not only do we have to climb mountains, but we also have to lift them up as well.

In my own work as a teacher, writer, and speaker, I’ve found these tips to be some of the most pivotal practices in keeping my dreams real and alive. I see the big picture and each day I try to take one step closer to not only the big picture, but also my dream picture. Have fun and do a little bit of the work each day and don’t forget to keep the awesomesauce going strong all the way!

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea



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