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Clean Eating For All

I was reading an article that touted the alleged dubious nature of clean eating. Included in this diatribe were some serious questions about the science behind the GMO and organic food culture and market. Apparently, there are claims out there that if you eat organic and non-GMO food you are classed in a café latte- silver spoon-with-killer-abs category.

I suppose I am unaware that there are claims out there in the clean eating world that if you eat clean you will automatically be healthier, leaner, and happier (and richer).

Thank goodness for my contrarian friends that are always casting the light on my blind spots. Though I haven’t espoused such a premise that clean eating will deliver slimmer thighs, I am aware that clean eating, as simple as it sounds, is quite a complex endeavor for our varied body types and constitutions.

Eating clean, at least when I use that phrase, means eating minimally processed whole foods. Whether it’s organic or non-GMO is a different subject. And, economics does play a role in our access to healthy food because some foods that would be qualified as “clean eating” cost considerably more than a quick drive through your typical fast food neighborhood restaurant.

However, for every product on the market, including food products, there’s quite a spectrum of access as it relates to the food product, price, and quality. I believe there’s a misconception that eating clean means eating expensive.

This is not true.

Sure, there are fancy products out there that are quite expensive, but basic clean eating may not only cost similarly than your typical America grocery store shopping trip that includes sodas, snack cakes, and conveniently boxed one-meal food items, but it may even cost less when you take into account your health and the impact our diet has on our health.

I don’t really care to dig into and argue the science on both sides of the organic and GMO foods culture. There’s intriguing science on both sides. But, what I do desire to focus on is that if you are working, making money, and buying food with your money, it’s very likely you have access to eat a clean, whole foods based diet.

Clean, whole foods are foods closest to their natural state – think fresh vegetables, fruit, rice, pasta, bread, legumes, beans, etc. – and those food products with minimal ingredients (5 or less is great!).

I believe when we make the decision to eat clean, whole foods not for skinnier thighs as the only thing that may help you slim up and tone up is less caloric intake and more exercise, we will notice a shift in our ability to engage the world more joyfully because we are more energized, more alert, and maintain a healthy mood.

What we put on the inside does affect how we engage the outside world.

My interest is that more people become aware that clean, whole foods eating is accessible for most of us Americans working and earning an income and that our awareness of how clean food affects our state of mind and ability to function optimally in the world increases as well.

So, if you are out there or know someone out there questioning whether they have access to clean eating, pass this piece along and spread the awesomesauce. Clean eating will take a little commitment and a little discipline. However, the impact on you and those that engage with you (because they will get a good does of your awesomesauce energy!) will be something akin to the happy dance.

Clean eating is for all. Go get your veggies on!

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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