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And That’s a Wrap: Letting Go and Moving On

There’s something about the end of the year that feels light, heavy, and fulfilling. It’s freeing to let go and exciting to move on. Of course, this time of year can be filled with heaviness and angst about the unknown and creating from anew. Some of us are eager to implement new things and some of us might still be wondering what new thing are we going to accomplish this year.

On the eve of the start of the New Year, I’m reflecting on planning, action, and commitment. I’ll approach them briefly. Yet, before I do, I want to encourage all of us to honor the experiences (yes, all of them) of the year and take the sustenance they’ve provided us to fiercely seek freedom and love in the year ahead.


Whatever you decide to take on in the year ahead, a working plan is not an option it’s a necessity. Nothing really happens without a plan. Sure, there’s luck. But, not even luck can get you very far. If you have desires to make changes in your family, work-life, or physical health and well-being, it takes a plan. A plan consists of a set of actions that are workable.

You can write your plan any way that works for you – electronic, paper, calendar, etc. – but, whatever form you decide to do, make sure it works for you. I love writing my plans out with pen and paper and then prioritizing my steps. Many times I will go for the easier steps first to give me a motivational boost to get the hard steps done first. Your plan will likely change as you work towards your goal, so be flexible. Most importantly, don’t give up on your plan and make it workable (be realistic).


We must take action for the plan to work and do what we say we are going to do. Think plan + action + integrity (doing what you say you are going to do) = results. Make the phone call, schedule the appointment, set the alarm clock earlier, take the first step in your exercise routine, cut back on sugar one step at a time. Our vision for the year may be a bit overwhelming if we don’t break it down into doable actions. Deciding you want to change careers is a big vision and it can quite possibly feel impossible leaving us frozen in our tracks instead of running ahead towards the finish line. Nothing exists outside of action. Break it down one actionable step at a time and take action in some small (or big) form each day.


Before I dive into my thoughts on commitment, I want to take a brief moment to distinguish attachment from commitment. Once we are off creating our plans and taking action, we may find ourselves desiring specific results and if those results don’t manifest exactly how we think they should and when we think they should, we are most likely to give up. That’s attachment. However, commitment is a different mixture. It requires openness, fluidity, and resolve. Something quite magical happens when we put our plans into place and take action towards our greater goal or vision with steadfast commitment – the world presents itself with limitless opportunities.

Recall I said earlier that flexibility is a must. Your plan or goal is likely to change as you change along with it, but the intention, the very foundation in which you created your plan will stay in tact. The real magic happens when we stay committed to the intention of the plan.

We all desire a specific outcome when we put our goals into place. But, when we stay committed to the bigger vision we allow for new possibility to enter the plan and our plans have the capability of taking on a life that not only has the power to positively impact our life, but it also has the power to impact the lives of those around us.

As you wind down on the last day of 2017, honor where you’ve been, let go of the places you didn’t get to yet, and move with fervor for another exceptional opportunity at playing in the adventure of life. Now, that’s a plan worth committing to!

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea



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