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Loving Easy

We love easy.

The trajectory of our technological evolution makes things faster and more efficient. This is true from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our travel options, and the way we communicate.

From travel by horse, railroad, boat, car, plane and, right around the corner, with self-driving cars, our travel plans have went from taking days and weeks to getting to our destination to being able to safely do more than one thing at a time while traveling – work, write, communicate, AND travel – within minutes in local transport to a 2-3 day jaunt around globe.

It’s easy. It’s efficient. It’s the modern way.

All this ease in our technological evolution has us expecting easy everywhere in our lives. We want most things fast and we want them now.

If we need to loose weight, there’s a 20-day plan. Not your game? Maybe your game is financial success. Take a Tony Robbins seminar for a few days and you may be the next millionaire. Need love? Get on-line and find your next wife or husband in an exotic country.

I want to take a moment to remind us all that some weight loss plans, self-development seminars, and on-line dating frameworks do work and impact the lives of millions. What I am not saying is that these plans, seminars, and frameworks require little work. That’s very much to the contrary.

Part of these quick fix approaches lure us because our brains love information that is in bite-sized chunks as we can process it more efficiently and effectively. But putting brain science aside, when we live in a world that is constantly marketing images and plans of quick and easy we begin to expect quick and easy and the expectation runs deep, deep into the reservoirs of our unconscious.

Loving easy becomes who we are until we become aware of this insidious process. Loving most people and things in our lives that we care about is easy. And, it’s hard. The hard and arduous commitment to loving easy is not something we often talk about as a culture.

What does it take to loving easy? It takes commitment to what we believe in, whether that’s in our personal or professional partnership, our business vision, family vision, and/or life vision. It also takes action toward our vision.

I like to say that when we are committed in action we find the magic ‘quick fix’ we’ve been looking for and loving easy becomes as easy as breathing with a few hiccups to keep things interesting and, evolving and growing along the way.

Have an awesomesauce day!


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