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Glow It To Grow It: Positive Self-Talk With Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce Affirmations

Did you know that our U.S. Navy SEALs get trained in positive speak before they are deployed for high stress and intense missions? Neuroscientists developed a new training for our SEALs to help their brains respond to fear by maintaining calm in the midst of chaotic environments. [1]

Positive self-talk overrides the fear response and empowers us to be courageous in difficult situations whether it be taking a stand for what we really feel and vulnerably sharing that with our friends and family (or classmates), overcoming anxiety about a big project or test, or taking on a new skill set.

Positive self-talk also helps us stay connected to a growth mindset. Carol Dweck is a professor of psychology at Stanford University. She popularized the term Growth Mindset in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

I will simplify the concept of growth mindset here, but I highly encourage you to check out the book! It’s a life changer. Dweck argues that we either operate from a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset says that we are born with certain abilities and capacities and that our brains don’t change/grow much beyond the innate abilities and capacities we are born with. Think about how easy this shows up for us. “I was never good at math anyway,” “I’ll never be able to learn to play an instrument or speak another language,” “Cooking isn’t for me, I don’t have the vision.”

A growth mindset says that our brains are always growing and that despite whatever innate abilities we are born with, we can continue to sharpen and refine them and grow our brain’s ability (aka neuroplasticity) to learn and process information more efficiently and effectively as long as we keep engaging in the craft that we’re learning (practice…practice…practice).

This can show up easy for us, too, with practice! “Writing is so hard, but I want to learn so I’m going to commit a little time every day to getting better.” “My friends always tell me that I’m an athlete, but I really love to read and write poetry so I’m going to start keeping a journal to practice my style more and maybe even get published.”, “I always thought Emily was mean, but when I help her when she’s feeling stuck on an assignment she really shows how much she appreciates me. I guess she really is a nice person.”

Affirmations are a form of positive self-talk and help us stay connected to a growth mindset. By shifting our words, we can overcome our fear response and create awesomesauce things in our life!

But sometimes it’s hard to shift our words. We can easily get stuck in negative self-talk. We may also feel we’ve run out of positive things to say. You know that feeling where sometimes we aren’t inspired by anything and don’t know what to say or think or feel sometimes?! This is so true for adults and kids alike.

We need tools, techniques, and resources to help us get back on track. This is why I created my first mindfully infused educational resource product called Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Affirmation and Art Card Deck for Youth, Parents, and Educators. It comes with 52 art AND affirmation cards, plus 5 bonus cards! These fun-filled and inspiring affirmations and art images help us get unstuck from negative self-talk and empowers us to be the best possible version of ourselves in any situation we take on.

My cards are great for all learners – visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learners – and all ages.

How to use them? Pick a card each week and pin up on your white board (or if at home on your fridge) to empower and cultivate a growth mindset at home, in your classroom, or on the entire campus; use them to set a fun and empowering intention for your next business meeting; set them on your desk to re-focus and re-energize during challenging thinking moments; or use with the entire family to create authentic connections.

I have so many more suggestions on my suggested uses card included in the card deck. Plus, don’t forget to follow @todaysgonnabeawesomesauce on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with all things awesomesauce and practical ways to use them at home, work, and school.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Mindfulness, peace, and JOY! That’s what these cards bring to the classroom and to our family routines. I love the open-ended graphics and affirmations. They stimulate creative conversation, connection, and action in both kids and adults. I highly recommend adding these Awesomesauce cards to your daily routines whether you’re a classroom teacher, parent, or CEO. They will assuredly spark inspiration throughout your day.” ~ Meredith Blanks, Paterson, M.A., RYT, RCYT, Yoginos: Yoga for Youth

“Hi Athea, I just wanted to [share] a quick note to say thank you for your beautiful words of wisdom in your…card deck. I’ve had some challenging times with my daughter lately, that apparently don’t want to stop, but these tools are proving very helpful.  Your work is definitely touching lives and I’m so grateful!” ~ Melissa, Mom of 2 and Airline Pilot

Want to get your hands on these heart and mind changers now?

Click the link below to purchase them on-line. They are only $25.99! If you desire to continue to cultivate and maximize your positive self-talk and growth mindset, check out my book as well, Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Daily Meditations for Youth, Parents, and Families (the book is also an excellent and handy classroom resource). Included in the book are an additional 365 Mindful Breathing Mantras to make your every day an Awesomesauce Day!

Oh, yeah… if you buy my book and my card deck in a bundle you SAVE $10!

Purchase link to a more courageous and empowering mindset with my Awesomesauce Card Deck and Book:


I can’t wait to hear how my mindfully infused educational resource product, Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce: Affirmation and Art Card Deck, is helping you, your students, and your family meet life’s challenges with greater ease, confidence, and courage.

Please share your story with me by dropping a line in the comments or email me directly at [email protected].

Oh, and if you refer a friend to purchase any of my products, I will give you $5 off your next purchase.

Remember, no matter what’s going on in our day, we can shift our world by turning off our natural fear response in the face of challenge and stress with positive self-talk and overcome the hard life stuff by shifting it into the awesomesauce stuff.

Reminding us all to make every day an Awesomesauce Day!

[1] See Borba, Michele. (2016). Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World. New York, New York: Touchstone.


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