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Dressing Your Brain (and Heart) for an Awesomesauce Day: Back to School Tips for Educators and Families Part II

I trust you’ve been busy using the tools from Part I of Dressing Your Brain (and Heart) for an Awesomesauce Day. It takes time to incorporate these tools into our home and school life. So, be kind to yourself if you’ve missed something or didn’t quite make it to your goal yet.

Keep practicing a little every day and add these on when you are ready. Mindset research shows that we receive more overall benefit to our health and wellness when we have a consistent daily practice (even if only for a few minutes) versus spending larger amounts of time on any one practice, but less day-to-day commitment.

Here are the other four ways to get your brain (and heart) dressed for the day. Have fun!

~ Start New – Say It With Words

Our words are so powerful. It truly matters what we say. We create with our words, so let’s make them the best.

What this looks like at home:

Honor your word. If you don’t, make note of it, apologize, and recommit. This is true for both parents and kids.

What this looks like at school:

Not a big difference here from what this looks like in practice at home. However, in school, practice saying what you are committed to when you discover that you haven’t honored your word (i.e., turning an assignment in late, forgetting to bring that special item for your lesson, not apologizing for using unkind language, etc.). It can go like this, “I am committed to using kind language at home and at school.” In fact, you can have all your students commit to a goal for the school year and share in front of the class as part of your back to school activity.

Each moment is a new opportunity to create all things awesomesauce and we can do so powerfully with our words.

~ Create Silent Space to Identify Emotion and Let It Go

It’s hard to identify emotion and to let the emotion go if our minds are constantly busy, occupied, and racing every moment of the day. Create silent spaces in your day to slow down and feel what’s going on inside. This helps us identify emotion and to let go of any emotions that are weighing us down.

What this looks like at home:

Take the electronics away for a bit. Do a family e-fast. No technology. Just be. Take a walk. Sit in your reflection zone. Or color. Or write. Just be with what’s so for a few moments.

What this looks like at school:

Turn the lights off in the classroom. Have all your students close their eyes seated tall with their hands on their heart or stack the forearms and do “desk child’s pose” with your forehead on your forearms. Use the Let It Govisualization followed by some silent moments. Don’t know that one? For more information see my FREE gift to you, Awesomesauce Insights: Elevating Your Life with a Twist of Awesomesauce Flare by clicking here –  Awesomesauce Insights.

~ Stop Trying to Change Your Students and Kids (help them cultivate who they are)

We can’t change or fix anyone. We must be empowered to take actions in our own life to transform the things that hold us back. What we can doas parents and educators is show our students and kids what’s possible through learning. Beyond teaching them a specific skill, our job is to help our kids cultivate who they are by learning and listening to who theyare.

What this looks like at home:

Listen. Listen to your kids. Don’t listen to what you think is best for them (these “teaching moments” can come later), just listen to them from a blank slate. Our kids are constantly sending us messages on what really interests them. Often times, we dismiss it as not important. These messages are the gateway to powerful learning and connecting.

What this looks like at school:

As educators not only do we have to listen to our students for who they truly are, but we also have to create multiple opportunities for them to discover their own uniqueness. Let them explore through role play, leading class opening and closing routines, and projects that generate curiosity and interest. This requires getting very related and making the content relatable! It’s a process that keeps on cultivating! 

~ Take Accountability for Your Part

We all have the choice to choose responsibly. Sometimes we don’t – parent, educator, and student alike. In fact, we love to blame others for a lot of things. We can really start shifting things in a positive direction when we begin to take accountabilityfor our part in any given situation. In every interaction with another human being we play a part, whether it’s negative or positive. We are so in the habit of placing blame on others and wanting to fix or change the other, we often get paralyzed when we realize that we, too, play a role in every single human interaction we have. Don’t get paralyzed. Admit, shift, and, get in action.

What this looks like at home:

Be open. Be honest. Take accountability for your part. Don’t worry about the other person taking accountability for their part. They will shift when YOU shift. Say what you are committed to with your kids. Remember, it’s all about love and connection. The other people in your life will eventually walk in that direction because you will be so magnetizing.

What this looks like at school:

Hold yourself accountable and guide your students to hold themselves accountable for their actions. I know we are buzz buzz busy as educators and we can always use “more of” anything, meaning more supplies, more resources, more help, etc.! However, come from an abundance mindsetand look at what you are bringing to any given situation. If we are consistently coming to the classroom angry, tired, and with a scarcity mindset, we will create that same environment in our classroom.  The opposite is true too. Shift it to lift it!

I hope you enjoy continuing to get your brain (and heart) dressed for an awesomeasuce day!

Until next time, have fun tuning into and spreading the awesomesauce and, continuing to create the foundation where love, connection, compassion, empathy and understanding thrive at home and at school.

XO ~


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