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Stop putting yourself down!

I’m growing. I mean, it’s true…

Sure, each day I get older, but I’m talking about a different kind of growth.

So, here’s the thing. I am going through some big, earth-like shattering big, growing pains.

There’s a reason they don’t call it “growing happiness” or “growing joy”…. ummm…

You know why?

Because it’s painful! I know you knew where I was going with this. I love that about my Sol Sense tribe.

You get me.

In fact, I am a lot like you.

While I, too, have many moments of struggle, I also have many moments of intense joy….

You get me here? I thought so.


Well, and… I am always trying to shine brighter.

Hang on, now. I’m not talking about reaching for a state of perfection.

Halt any perfectionist thoughts. Skit-skat-Halloween-cat those thoughts out of your head.

Right now. Bravo dear.

Perk your cute kitty ears up and listen – I’m talking about looking at our lives and reflecting and taking a new action each day to refine what didn’t quite work the day before.

In fact, that’s one example of what I call “tuning into and spreading the awesomesauce!”

But, you know what? We need to remind each other and to encourage each other that “We’ve got this!”.

That’s why I’m landing in your inbox today. I know it’s precious real estate here…

Meaning your time is precious.

So, here’s my special message I wanted to share.

You ready? I’m going to shoot the arrow straight.

Stop putting yourself down!

No ifs. No ands. No buts.

Do it. Now.

That’s how I Iove you.

But, back to shooting the arrow straight. I know this happens to you sometimes.

Yep, I’m looking through my special peace lenses.

You are doing great in whatever endeavor you are taking on whether it’s being the best mom, dad, educator, doctor, attorney, landscaper, manager, coffee barista, etc. and then something changes…

Wham. Bam. Something doesn’t feel great.

Oh, man!

You might start off by saying, “I did that stupid thing again…”

As time goes on, that voice inside of us can get really nasty like sumo wrestlers duking it out in the mud pit. Yuck!

But here’s the thing. You can even find sparkles in the mud.

I’ve found plenty of them there. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

The question is how much do you want to feel that sparkly awesomesauce even in the hard stuff?

I’ve caught myself so many times lately slipping in these growing pains I’m experiencing.

I put so much energy and effort into plans and creating things and more plans with no guarantee that it will ever work out.

Guess what?

Some of those things didn’t work out. It’s painful. It’s scary.

And…. alert, alert, I put myself down! But, it’s sneaky because I don’t tell anyone.

I secretly sabotage myself.

I’m not really trying to, but…

It happens.

You know what else? It happens even more when I keep it inside and I don’t share.

I’m ready to shift and churn and burn this voice with a little more sparkly flare!

Are you guys in?!

Here’s the challenge

Take on one conversation today after reading this and share how you are putting yourself down.

I know, it can be super uncomfortable.

Remember, it’s growing pains. Not joy pains.

Share how it’s stumping you in shining bright.

Share what inspired you about this piece. If it didn’t’ inspire you, that’s ok too!

Simply share.

With one person. That’s it.

Then share what you are willing to shift.

For me, I’m sharing with you that I don’t get it right all the time. I make mistakes. I fail. I have to pivot my course of action. I reflect. I say yucky things to myself and then I…


I’m willing to accept all these things and grow.

I’m willing to breathe through the growing pains even though it hurts.

I’m willing to get back up and try again. And again. And again…

Until, I get it right. Then, I’ll tackle something else.

Are you in?

Remember, we can make this shift together.

XO ~


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