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Finding Joy

Experience the little joys to feel the big JOYs inside. 

I remember sitting on my sofa many years ago bawling my eyes out while reading a yoga and happiness book one of my teachers recommended. 

I was separated from my former spouse at the time and going through a shitstorm of emotions, grief, and existential angst. 

I had a flash of insight that the joy I thought I was so deeply missing in my life, was actually already there. 

Yes, even in the shitstorm. 

After crying myself into a snotty mess, I had an unspoken agreement with everyone in my life – presence… I committed to a seemingly elusive magic potion state of being. 

Clearly I’ve done it before or I wouldn’t be wiping the snot induced epiphany from my face. This time though, I wanted to be aware that I was actually doing it. 

I wanted to feel it deep inside. 

I wanted to honor it so much that it left both people feeling like they discovered some new celebratory spark and life-giving energy to life. 

I wanted to feel the electricity of connection rush through my veins and palpitate my heart to the beat of an African bongo drum ceremony. 

To feel the big JOYs in our life, we have to drink up the little joys like you are drinking a fine Indian tea from a tiny English tea cup, savoring each piping hot, minute sip through your lips. 

That way the flavor and essential elements of the tea last for hours, and in moments of challenge you can recall the notes and the warmth they provided. 

That’s the magic potion state of being called presence each of us can tune into. 

We can do it on easy days, hard days, and all the in between days. 

My hope for each of you is to drink up a little bit of that magic potion today, tomorrow, and beyond. 

Cheers to being present to the little joys in your life so you can finally savor the big JOYs right inside. 🤩


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