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Failure: Our Greatest Parenting (and Teaching) Asset

Sharing my failures and shortcomings with my son and my students is one of the best parenting and teaching tools in my toolkit.

Being a mindful parent (or teacher) doesn’t mean you’re a perfectly calm parent that controls her thoughts and emotions with guru type perfection. 

I mean let’s be honest, even gurus aren’t perfect.

What it does mean though, at least for me, is being a cycle breaker. 

Shedding trauma, letting go of unhealthy behavior patterns and coping mechanisms, and being fully committed to grow and glow into my best Self each and every day. 

This takes awareness. 

Becoming more aware requires learning the language of our inner landscape of thoughts, emotions, and body sensations; and choosing to tune into that information on a regular, habitual basis.

It means seeing where I’m overstepping, understepping, sidestepping, taking a wrong turn, or realizing I simply have the wrong map. 

It also means seeing when I get it right. 

Sharing my journey openly and honestly with my son, and my students, is the legacy I want to leave them.

When I shine, they shine. When I struggle they see my struggle. 

We struggle and shine together and build something together that’s better. 

The hard parts of our life can become our greatest asset.

It’s fuel for growth. 

I share this for those that feel like you’re struggling and failing as a parent or a teacher because I want you to know you’re not a failure. 

Your failures and struggles ARE the soul fuel you and your kids, or students, need to leap forward.


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