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Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Megan

“Sol Sense Yoga’s (Athea’s) introduction of mindfulness and self-regulation skills to over 300 of Harris County’s adjudicated residential juveniles had a fundamental and tremendous impact on the TAPS Academy’s goal of life skills transformation. We saw over 70% of our young men and women openly participating, which is unheard of for this population, while having fun and being exposed to healthy emotional coping skills. Utilizing Sol Sense Yoga’s systems and instruction, which complement what we see in criminological literature and evidence-based programming, our counselors were able to replicate strategies that reduced perceived stress and allowed for an increase in self-control and self-awareness. Athea was timely, organized, methodical, and able to accommodate to a very difficult environment. We look forward to a continued partnership in future projects!”

Megan Harper
Program Director, Teen and Police Service Academy (TAPS, Houston)
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Beth

“Athea ROCKS!  She does a fantastic job training our staff and our families love her classes! She includes every skill level and makes every member of the family feel comfortable.”

Beth Rumbo
Sierra Vista Camps Director
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Mark

“I have known Athea Davis for the last three and one-half years. Athea is an inspiration. She is authentic in all areas of her life. She’s a super mom and a super spiritual warrior! She has a gift in capturing the imagination of children that is clearly a gift from God. Somehow I sense that she gets kids to enthusiastically try things and expand horizons in ways that the child’s parents may not have thought possible. Additionally, she is a very qualified yoga practitioner and has a great capacity for teaching adults. With all this going on I find it amazing to maintain and find time to fit our friendship into her busy schedule. I intend to keep her as near as possible to aid and maintain my growth as a human.”

Mark Wardell
Student and Friend
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Jennifer

“Athea is a star with families! She exudes a positive, radiant energy that is absolutely infectious. Her classes and workshops are so creative and fun. At various points during the class, we are moving and laughing and trying new things. Later we may be quietly reflecting on our mats and finding stillness in just being. What I find as we go through her classes is a sense of connectedness—with each other and with our own bodies and minds. In this day and age, having that experience with our children is so important and so special. I highly recommend that you find/make time to attend Athea’s family class!”

Jennifer Ignat
Student, Client, and Friend
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Cindy

“Athea teaches yoga to my son to improve his body awareness and focus & reduce anxiety. She truly “gets” him and works very well with him to facilitate his progress. She has a special gift for working with others and provides him with the just-right blend of patience and firmness. I am very thankful for her and the progress she’s offered my son!”

Cindy Peoples
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Reji

“Athea is an unpretentious and knowledgeable yoga instructor. My teenage son has an anxiety disorder. Athea is working with him and tries to instill yoga as a source of possibility and practicality. I sincerely appreciate her efforts.”

Reji John
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Carrie

“Athea Davis has been one of our stellar volunteers with Houston reVision for over a year. One of the ways she has contributed to the well-being of the teens we serve is to provide mindfulness training as part of our Life Skills classes.  She is both disarming and engaging to a population used to presenting themselves as self-sufficient and “tough”. They respect her and appreciate her. This is true across all of the different groups of teens she has encountered in our program.”

Carrie Leader, an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church, has been serving as Volunteer Coordinator with Houston reVision for nearly three years. She graduated with a Masters in Church Ministry with an Urban Ministry concentration from SMU in 2014. She and her husband of nearly twenty-four years have four grown children and are expecting their sixth grandchild at the end of August.

Carrie Leader
Houston: reVision
Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Sara

“Being a very beginner yoga-learner it can sometimes be intimidating for me to be in a group session. It’s very hard to look “cool” when you have no idea what you are doing. Athea created a beautiful, welcoming environment and encouraged me every step of the way. As soon as we started I knew I was in the perfect hands! My kids were able to participate and we bonded so much through the laughs and stretching ourselves into different poses. I’ve taken a class from Athea while pregnant (7 month at the time) and after having my baby girl. Both experiences, while different, were SO refreshing and relaxing and just made me feel awesome. Love and cheers to Sol Sense Yoga for making this non-yogi feel loved and accepted!”

Sara Kendrick
Vista Camps Registrar
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