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Anxiety Tips

Happy Day, Friend!

Thank you for listening to Episode 10 of the Mindful Living Podcast with Athea Davis on Mindfulness and Anxiety.

I want you to know that you are not alone when it comes to anxiety.

I was just noticing some pretty heavy anxiety the other day and I had to do an internal inventory, meaning, I looked at how I was relating to things going on in my world. I was feeling anxious about things outside of my control, so I breathed into that space. It was tough, but it helped me gain some perspective on it and manage it better.

Anxiety is tough stuff, but it’s nothing to fear or run away from. I promise, it’s so much better when we sit with the hard stuff instead of running from it!

I designed an Anxiety Tracking Sheet to help you master your anxiety.

To grab your free copy, insert your name and e-mail address below and I’ll send it to you right away so you can experience a little more peace of mind.

XO ~ Athea

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