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Awesomesauce Insights: Educators Edition

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Creating An Awesomesauce Day: Awesomesauce Insights for Educators

Awesomesauce Insights - Educators Edition

I’m an experienced educator that understands the many factors that affect student and teacher performance, success, and development. Based on my years of work with youth in public schools and the juvenile justice system, including many years of private youth and family sessions, I’ve discovered, through evidence-based research, that many of our interactions with youth and adults today are missing five key elements:  presence, engagement, connection, compassion, and empathy.

I designed a training that addresses these elements and the core of building a strong social and emotional learning platform for the individual and the community (the classroom and the family), mainly, cultivating strong cognitive and thinking skills, that students and teachers must have in order to achieve whole success.

I offer 3 tiers of trainings that will take you, your students, and your school from just getting through the everyday (the daily struggles!) to individuals and a school community that turns struggle into opportunity and spreads the awesomesauce here, there, and everywhere! I train educational leaders and teachers on ways to incorporate mindfully-infused social and emotional learning tools and techniques in the classroom that are fun, practical, and relatable.

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