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Open Faced Bliss

Hey beautiful people! After creating my Awesomesauce Insights: a Health and Wellness Guide to Elevating Your Life with a Twist of Awesomesauce Flare (available very soon on my website), I was inspired to share this simple recipe with you all. Do you ever get confused at how to eat healthy? Or, perhaps you think it’s… Read more

Clean Eating For All

I was reading an article that touted the alleged dubious nature of clean eating. Included in this diatribe were some serious questions about the science behind the GMO and organic food culture and market. Apparently, there are claims out there that if you eat organic and non-GMO food you are classed in a café latte-… Read more

The Kool Kian

If you love bananas and you love chocolate, you will love this dessert. A very special young superhero in my life wanted a banana the other day, but I didn’t have any fresh bananas.  I did, however, have frozen bananas that I keep in the freezer for smoothies. So I thought perhaps he could enjoy… Read more

The leaves are turning into the deep earth tones of orange, yellow, and faded green. While the acorns are falling randomly by the hundreds and the squirrels are rounding them up diligently before the cold of the cold sets in, the days are becoming a little bit shorter since we passed the Harvest Moon. It’s… Read more

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Vegan Pancakes

These yummies are the perfect soultastic Sunday Funday comfort food for just flying solo or for the whole family!  You can refrigerate any leftovers for easy breakfast the next day. Now, that’s doubly awesomesauce!   Here’s the scoop – 1 1/2 cups of Oat Flour 1/2 cup of oats and ground flax seed 2 teaspoons of… Read more

The Vegan Chicken

Brocc-o-chick sat high on her nesting grounds. She indulged in the seeds that made her body feel good. Spring had sprung and she was out on her morning walk when she noticed the Chick-o-lini growing rather quickly (a plant reminiscent of broccolini, but with a mystical vegan chick flare). He was the most luscious green… Read more

The Eco-Veggie Diet

I was raised on southern food – fried, rich, creamy, and almost always Crisco in hand. As I grew older and became more active, I sought out different foods on my own accord. My path to healthy eating has been a life-long path. I started eating a healthy diet step-by-step. I did not follow fads… Read more

9 Tips to Get Kids Eating Healthy

After reading the latest pieces in the New York Times magazine on What Should Children Eat?, I’ve been pondering my own suggestions.   The list is simple and requires no recipe indexing or long laborious hours in the kitchen.  Mainly, it just requires a shift in perspective.   That shift starts with us. Kids are picky eaters. … Read more

We want nothing more than to love and connect on this great big beautiful planet Earth of ours.  When we invite daily meditation/prayer and/or yoga practice into our life, we begin to take an inventory of our life of all the things that are toxic to our healthy mind-body connection – relationships, jobs, careers, hobbies… Read more