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Due to an abundant teaching and training schedule, I am not currently teaching any regular adult, youth, and/or family classes; however, I am teaching special events classes throughout the year at various locations, so please be sure to check out the Events.

If you would like me to come to your school, camp, community center, and/or facility, please read about Teachers/Training and I will be happy to discuss all the awesomesauce options that I can offer you and your community!

Private Sessions

After our initial private session, I schedule privates in groups of 3 sessions, also known as The P-3. This ensures practicality and ease with scheduling for both sides.

If you are interested in more hands-on, personalized, and tailored yoga, mindfulness, and health and wellness sessions, contact me to reserve your spot today.

I have limited space for private sessions for adults, youth, and/or families. Prices vary depending on size (private one-on- one or semi-private with small groups) and each client’s unique requests.


Practical Tools & Tips
To make every day, an awesomesauce day!