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athea and kane

The OHmazing Way® Mindful Marker, Sol Sense Yoga® and Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®

I am a Team Member of Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®. For more information on what’s happening with all things kids and yoga, please click here to learn all about my kids yoga classes, kids/family workshops, and projects.

This “awesomesauce” and OHMazing® seva offering is a collaboration between Sol Sense Yoga® and Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® (YYY)!

Download the A FREE Mindful Marker here! This Mindful Marker offers a breath, a pose, a song and book (and other seasonal mindful variations) to encourage you to extend your yoga off the mat.

To access additional Mindful Markers (one is uploaded each month), please visit the OHmazing Way® On-line Resource Center.

See everything that’s happening on Facebook at #‎theohmazingway‬!

Please contact me for additional class times or more information.

Practical Tools & Tips
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