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Sol Sense Yoga Classes for FamiliesI love to teach all levels and all ages, but as a mom family classes are very near and dear to my heart. Our children learn more from who we are than what we say. That just means that modeling is so important. There are many fun and creative ways to model expectations and desired social and emotional skills, but there’s something quite unique about learning these life skills in a setting where body-awareness is held prime.

Enjoy the great emotional/psychological, social, and spiritual benefits of yoga and mindfulness on the mat with your kids!

We will explore many ways to have healthy fun and create self-awareness, body-awareness, and self-regulation while fostering the healthy development of social and emotional learning skills for the entire family in a safe and loving environment.

All family yoga classes are thoughtfully designed to teach yoga on and off the mat and participants will gain new tools and inspiration to take contemplative, mindful, and spiritual practices to incorporate into their daily life and enhance their experience as individuals and families.

Classes are all-inclusive, and for all ages. Various themes are highlighted in each class using poses, music, art, games, and stories. The experience is filled with so much fun, so much laughter, and so much awesomesauce!

I also teach family yoga classes and workshops at the Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer and at a variety of other locations and venues, so be sure to visit the Events for further details.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for additional class times or more information.

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