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Nine To Shine

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FREE Mindful Living Masterclass: Nine To Shine!

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As a new Sol Sense member you will receive exclusive health and wellness information and insights + mindfulness tips, tools, and resources to help you and yours shine bright!

Free Mindful Living Masterclass: Nine To Shine (on-line) –

Are you ready to become the person everyone loves including yourself?! Are you ready to tackle your next biggest goal (or challenge) of the quarter or the year?! (these two go hand-in-hand)

Or do you need a little spark + no nonsense boost to help you keep your New Year’s goal momentum going? Do you have a new life or professional goal in mind?

Maybe you simply need less stress and more focus in your life.

Look no further! I’m your sparkly, no-nonsense guide ready to help you de-stress for success and get you real, lasting results. It’s what makes my heart glow round!

Join my next FREE Mindful Living Masterclass – Nine To Shine!

I teach each of my students a proven daily roadmap to help them de-stress for success in all areas of their life. We dive into ALL the things – mindset/mindfulness, morning routine, getting clarity on your goals, creativity, strength in mind and body, communication, service, perspective taking (relationships), connection, and action.

In 9 days with 9 small, actionable steps you will learn how to make a massive and positive impact in your life, family, and career. Register for my next FREE Mindful Living Masterclass + get your free Nine To Shine digital resource above.

Sign up for my next free Mindful Living Masterclass, Nine To Shine. Learn more by signing up here!

What You Get From Participating in my Free Mindful Living Masterclass 

1. FREE 9-step digital resource to help you de-stress for success (my proven roadmap).

2. FREE 1-hour masterclass (pre-recorded) to help you create the internal roadmap you need to tackle any goal. 

3. Exclusive e-mails packed with insight, information, and inspiration (only for my Nine To Shine students). 

4. A strong mindset to help you mindfully tackle your most important goal! 

5. You living your purpose and joy confidently, with less stress and more presence, every single day!

Register now – Nine To Shine Challenge Registration


1.) How is this different from the prior Nine To Shine challenge?

Answer: Some aspects will be similar, but more refined. This challenge also has a free 1-hour masterclass to help you create the internal roadmaps you need to tackle any goal (or challenge). 

2.) Why should I participate again if I already participated in Nine To Shine?

Answer: Continued support is necessary for success! There’s a lot to cover and put into practice. I can’t possibly cover every detail in 9 days and you can’t possibly think of every question you want to ask.  Practice brings questions. And, it’s a great start to get you moving in the right direction. Plus, your most important goal likely extends beyond the 9-day challenge and you will likely have more goals you want to tackle. It’s like reading your favorite book again with a fresh new pair of eyes. 

3.) How can I continue to receive support after I’ve participated in Nine To Shine?

Answer: I am currently working on the comprehensive digital course offering, Nine To Shine, coming in the near future. 

4.) How do I fit in the time for this again?

Answer: If you want your life to work FOR YOU and not against you, you will make the time! Anything is possible with intention. 

What Others Are Saying

I felt connected during Nine To Shine. The workbook helped me learn about myself in different areas of my life. The [live class] videos occasionally uncovered some misconceptions I have had throughout my life and solidified my learning. I am smiling much more. Real smiles that reach my eyes!” ~ Betsy Hancock, Assistant Principal

Nine to Shine has helped start the process of creating a happy and healthy me! Thank you, Athea for making the beginning of this path easy to find and adding just the right amount of guidance & materials to help us move forward. I recommend Nine to Shine to anyone looking to add authenticity, positivity or a little sparkle to their lives.” ~ Nine To Shine Student (May 2019)

It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself, and accomplish, in nine short days.  The challenge ended a week ago, though it’s not ‘over’ as I see it working for me each and every day.  In my world, setting and (maybe) achieving goals/getting things done prior to Nine to Shine was a black/white, yes/no, succeed/fail type of process.

After Nine to Shine, I see more clearly the direct relationship between morning routines, feeling strong, igniting creativity, asking with clarity, spreading love, broadening of perspective, and setting very specific, narrow goals and action steps to achieve and accomplish ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

My current goal is to write on a regular basis in my blog.  Previously, other than writing if it happened to be convenient when inspiration struck, (which was usually never) I had no plan and writing always fell by the wayside.  I now have tools that fuel me on a daily basis, I have a structure, and ways (I’ve already seen in action) to get past the roadblocks.  I have a clean, inspiring space to write.  I have a notebook with ideas so that I can remember my inspirations and write on a schedule.  I get focused every day.

I have been more conscious with spreading love and connecting with people, which makes walls come down inside, those that contribute to nasty self-talk, and general isolation.  I feel stronger and have more confidence that what I’m doing is important.  One of my biggest challenges is probably trying to make excuses or find something else to do, but that confidence and belief in the importance of my goal helps me tons.  With Athea’s daily guidance and truly focusing on each step, I’m not only accomplishing my goal, overall I feel more balanced and happy.  The title of this challenge is perfect, because it really does make you shine.” ~ Melissa (Mom of 2, Professional Pilot, and Adventure Lover), Nine To Shine Challenger 

“My participation in Athea’s free mindful living masterclass: Nine To Shine, was absolutely a great experience for my personal growth as a woman. It taught me that I do need (and deserve) time for myself even if it is 10 minutes, lol! Those 10 minutes are the best time of my day. Athea’s 9-step roadmap to help you de-stress for success is a continual lesson of how to communicate with love and how to listen to others’ communication from a place of love. I also learned that I need to always speak boldly because my words are powerful and they matter. My most valuable win is knowing that I have arrived – authentic me, 100%.” ~ Saint (Mom of 2, Educator, Church Leader), Nine To Shine Challenger

“I really enjoyed the daily practices that grounded and inspired me day-to-day. I can see how doing all 9 steps in one day would really have a huge impact! I have the print out on my desk to remind myself of ways to de-stress for success and be powerful in the face of…well anything! Thank you for these tools, Athea!” ~ Aubrie (Owner of HeARTworks), Nine To Shine Challenger