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Sol Sense Yoga®

Welcome to Sol Sense where we help you de-stress for success so you can become the person everyone loves (including yourself)!

Happy you stopped to connect with us and begin your journey of making a positive and lasting impact in your life and, the lives of those you love and lead.

We believe you are meant to spread your joy and sparkle in the world.

We also believe that you deserve top-notch, evidence-based, and comprehensive educational trainings and resources for your life, school, and business. All with a twist of fun, relatability, and practicality for easy application in all aspects of your life.

So, let’s get started! The world needs your joy right now.

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If you missed my “About” page, be sure to check it out here => About – Athea Davis.

Life Coaching with Athea!

Are you experiencing some roadblocks in your life? Have you experienced major changes or feeling stuck? Are you looking for an experienced educator + coach to give you that extra sparkly boost to help you live your joy?

If so, I’m your coach! Think of me as your extra sparkly, positive vibes, and no nonsense guide.

Check out my new health & wellness coaching program called Elevating Your Life with a Twist of Awesomeauce Flare! 

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