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Sol Sense Yoga®

Sol Sense Yoga® by Athea Davis is the mapping of modern day spirit medicine. The Sol Sense Yoga Method® connects and guides us to the internal directional guiding system built within the framework of our neurophysiology and biology, which guides us in the stages of our relationships, soul development, and life destinations–like how a map guides us to our physical destinations.  The Sol Sense Yoga Method® adopts 3 stages integrated into an epilogue of life skills in Divine presence. The stages are:

  1. Turning the Heartlights On;
  2. Distillation Highway; and
  3. Blissfully Neutral

Epilogue: Traversing Valleys and Mountaintops

Sol Sense Guidance® Sessions with Athea

Are you experiencing some roadblocks in your life? Have you experienced major changes or have had some traumatic issues from the past or present that are keeping your bliss away? Sometimes we require connecting with a healer to guide us back on our Sol Sense® path.

Athea Davis uses her Sol Sense Method® for all her Sol Sense Guidance sessions. She will tailor a Sol Sense® plan that will give you the fundamental tools for transforming your life and reclaiming your bliss.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Athea Davis for a Sol Sense Guidance session, please contact her here.

  • First Session – evaluation of background story and initial consultation is $75/hour
  • Each follow-up session is $100/hour
  • Pre-requisite – complete a background story sheet (form is forthcoming)