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Beth Reese

Beth Reese, Ph.D., E-RYT, RCYT, CEO and Founder of Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®, Independent Scholar and Critic

“Here in Today’s Gonna Be Awesomesauce, Athea stands with us, but also with our children as she cheers us on through daily milestones whether joyous or like bumps in the road. Moms, dads, and kids are all invited to participate and learn to increase responsibility and love as a family unit. Athea presents tangible activities such as breathing techniques, and she also offers general guidance, all with grace, a sense of humor and contagious joy. She teaches us to get “jiggy” and shake off negativity, and how to weave essential qualities into our daily lives such as playfulness, spontaneity, presence, collaboration, reflection, responsiveness, proactivity, honesty, compassion, and, one that really struck me, authentic reality.”


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