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Connect with Your Infinite Routes

 Each time I take my shoes off, step my bare feet onto those softly crisp and vibrant green blades of fresh grass, open my toes wide, pressing them into the crust of my being and breathe in the divine life, I feel anchored to all things around me.   I root down through my heels and press my thick skinned flesh into the earth below me, literally, disintegrating the walls beneath me and around me with my intention and my breath.  My mind stays steady as I melt my being into oneness with that around me.  The energy pulsates through my roots, through my feet, stirring up each moment my toes have touched the earth, and invoking inside of me the truth that when I stay grounded to my roots my energy is conserved in the radiant hue of love and my actions will be set in that elixir taking me on many fine upward routes to come.

And, that’s yoga.  Each time I stand in Vrksasana or Tree Pose, I feel connected to the infinite limbs of possibility.  If you feel you have reached a road block in your life or if you feel things are in disarray, take your shoes off and connect with your infinite routes in tree pose.

solsense yoga tree

Tree pose – Go to a quiet space, stand with bare feet hips width a part, root down through your heels, pick up your toes and spread them wide, and take your palms together at prayer position, heart center. Breathe here a few breaths, slowly and methodically inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose, setting your intention on receiving divine truth through your limbs to nourish your center.  Keep rooting down through your heels as if they are the anchors to your center, and starting with the right foot, place gently on the left ankle, calf, or upper inner thigh.  Continue to breathe slowly and methodically, and open your arms up with active hands wide and breathe in the divine truth and ground yourself in that nourishment.   Repeat on the other side.  Close with a few breaths knowing that in that groundedness you will connect with your infinite routes.

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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