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Feeling Until The Last Drop

Feelings. They are fun. They are exciting. And, they are scary! That inimitable pain swooshes by and shoots a different kind of arrow straight through the heart. The message isn’t from cupid, but from cosmic chaos. Our tendency is to run, numb, and run further away.

Yet, what happens when we pause and notice our feelings fully?

Go ahead, try the pause. You’ve got this. Then, engage with your feelings fully. Dance with them. Allow the painful arrow to bleed your heart right open, emptying any toxic poison of intense emotional residue that has never been processed to drip all the way out. Repeat. Let it drip… All. The. Way. Out.

I totally get it. It’s not exactly the party we want to attend. But, it is a golden arrow invitation of sorts even though it may not look like it because if we accept the invite and fully feel all the real deal feels, the golden arrow is on the other side and it will guide you to everything humanity is looking for – peace.

When I engage with life so powerfully that I embrace the rainbows and the storms, meaning I’m fully feeling all of itthe real deal feels – I feel a deep sense of peace akin to the sight of a butterfly drinking nectar from a freshly opened spring flower to the feeling of a gentle evening breeze atop a mountain at sunset.

It’s not exactly how I might be feeling during the intense emotional experience, but once I allow myself to feel all of the intensity instead of numbing the feeling, I somehow make it to the other side of the emotional wave quite literally feeling the fresh mountain breeze. It’s magic. But, magical miracles take a lot of strength.

In these moments of skydust watching, both literally and figuratively, the Earth swallows the sun and takes me right along with it. In the aftermath, there is nothing but stillness and peace. But, how do we do that when our natural inclination is to run and run far?

Take baby steps. Deep breath by deep breath. Allow your deep intentional breath to be the tranquilizer that gives you access to curiosity, courage, and commitment to be and act from a new world of possibility.

So, next time when you feel the urge to run, activate your breath with intention, feel your feet firmly on the ground and wrap the intense feeling around you like the most intimate and kindest blanket you’ve ever touched. Welcome the intensity of the feeling – whether great joy or pain – to breathe life into you.

Then take these actions:

~ Move your body mindfully. It can by any physical movement done with intention such as yoga, running, biking, walking, team sports, etc.

~ Create from that space of attunement. Maybe painting or writing isn’t your thing, but perhaps tuning up your favorite motorcycle is or cooking your favorite meal or gardening or scrapbooking. I think you get the idea.

~ Reflect upon integrating that feeling, wholly and completely into your being. Express your reflection in a personal journal or discus with a trusted friend.

Move. Create. And Reflect. These actions will help us keep our curiosity, courage, and commitment alive and strong. The deep breath contains the magic fuel. Trust it will get you going right where you need to be.

Enjoy (the often times) messy process. But, be assured, with curiosity, courage, and commitment in that process we’ll feel all the feels and come out glowing on the other side.

Feel all the feelings until the last drop and experience the most exquisite peace in your everyday world.

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Om Shanti Om ~ Athea


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