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5 Stress-Free Tips To Help When Moving

Moving is stressful for everyone involved. If you’re a family who tends to always be on the go this might seem like a great adventure for your little tribe but for those who have a difficult time with change, moving might be one of the scariest and uncertain times of their life. The majority of the stress lies on the parents who are now running around attempting to get everything packed up, donated, or trying to not have a nervous breakdown in front of their family. Below are a few stress-free tips to help you when your family is moving.

  1. Figure Out What You Need- One of the biggest headaches when it comes to moving is figuring out what you need to get. Many families don’t have enough boxes to put all of their belongings, possessions, or keepsakes. The good news is that there are several places that you can pick up supplies from or even order online. Of course, feel free to ask any neighbors, friends, or family to drop off any boxes they might have laying around. If you are planning on using other people’s boxes that are not in your family, let them sit for a few days or spray them with disinfectant to help remove any potential germs that might have been on them over the last few months or years. Also, don’t forget to grab packing tape or bubble wrap and newspaper to help keep your fragile items from breaking. 
  1. Sell/Donate/Purge – Now once you figure out what you need, it’s time to go through what you don’t want. Looking for an easy way to make some extra cash before you move? Now is the time to go through unwanted clothes, dishes, or toys and sell what you can. This can be an easy one-weekend garage sale that you put on or selling individual items through various apps such as Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark. Whatever items don’t sell, go through and donate them to local charities, churches, or centers that could use these items and it’s one less than you have to worry about getting rid of at a later time.
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  1. Label Everything – This is key when it comes to packing up your belongings and keeping everything organized. One way to help you is labeling everything. The more specific the better when it comes to labeling the boxes or bags for your move. You can write in what room the items belong to and then details of what is exactly in each box. Another way to help is numbering each box and then creating a list for inside or using pack and track labels once everything is sealed. Some other ideas are color coding each box with a marker or color to signify if it goes into the kitchen, the bedroom, or the basement. 
  1. Your Mental Health – One of the biggest tips I can suggest when it comes to moving is checking on your mental health. If you physically don’t have the energy or capacity to move yourself, then don’t and save yourself the headache and frustration of doing it yourself. Hire a company to help take that burden off your shoulders so you can focus on other important factors such as finding new doctors and schools for your children, furniture shopping, or looking for a new job in your new city. Figuring out which moving company is right for you? Be sure to check out Gameday Moving Services Houston. This Houston TX long-distance moving offers services not only for across country but also residential and short distances as well. Their professional and friendly staff are trained with background-checked movers. 
  1. Meditate/ Write In A Gratitude Journal: If you begin to feel overwhelmed, take 10-15 minutes out of your day and meditate. These breathing exercises help you to refocus, calm your mind and release your body of the stress and tension that you are carrying. A few minutes of this per day can do wonders for your mental and physical health. If meditating isn’t for you, try writing in a gratitude journal. Start every morning or end every night with writing down 5 things that you are grateful for. These can be big items such as the help of a trusted company to move heavy items, your family, or small things such as a warm cup of coffee and a cozy bed to sleep in. Whatever your choices, this can help ease your worries, fears, and frustration and focus on the positive items and people in your life. 

Moving is a time where lots of unknown ideas and thoughts can keep us up at night. While it’s normal to worry about what could happen, do your best to stay present and focus on how you can contribute to this big transition in you and your family’s life. Talk about your concerns with your kids, stay positive about the outcome, and above all, take care of yourself. 

Guest Writer: Cait Wilker of Cait’s Cozy Corner


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