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A New Way of Seeing is Worth the Deep Breathing

Enchanted Rock

There is this vision I feel, I can’t quite articulate it in words, but when I breathe deeply into my body I can feel it.  There is a deep resonance that vibrates through my essence when I deepen into feeling and allow my brain to rest.

When this process happens, I begin to do things that feel supernatural to my ego – it could be progress in a yoga pose, a project, a commitment or  a goal accomplished.  When I walk through the world of feeling, and I’m not talking about allowing my emotions to overcome me, I feel most alive and balanced.

Some of us have a way of numbing our feeling states with alcohol, food, drugs, sex, busy-ness, etc.   When we don’t allow our feelings to fully process, they get stuck in our bodies and the toxicity builds in our muscle tissue causing tension and knots anywhere from our neck, shoulders, and jaw down to the belly and hips.

One of the things consistent deep breath work does either in meditation/prayer and/or yoga practice is it rinses out the toxic tension built up in our muscle tissue from layers of undealt with and unprocessed emotion.  With a deep breathing practice we can process our emotions without comprising our state of awareness.  And that truly is what meditation/prayer and/or yoga does for us – it helps us regulate our emotional arousal in ways that helps us to express life to our fullest potential.

When we walk through the world of feeling we connect to the intuitive brightness within.   When this happens, we tap into the universal supply of prosperity in friendships, relationships, projects, money, career opportunities, etc.

When we start to rest our brains in deep breath practices, we invite a new way of seeing into our lives.  We can more easily access and reach into the depths of our authentic Self and our authentic Self begins to evolve and manifest in ways that our brain has a habit of talking ourselves out of the feeling we feel so deeply and know is right.  This is why staying connected and grounded to our deep breath is essential to growing our awareness – so we don’t forgo our feeling mode.

There are many different ways to practice deep breathing, but I believe to begin in any breathing practice the minimalist approach is best.  In yoga we use ujjayi breath work where we inhale and exhale through the nose, engaging the glottis muscles in the back of the throat to create the vocalized ocean breath.   You can practice deep breathing anywhere and at any time, for as little or as long you have.  Just do it and stick to it.

When we invite a new way of seeing through deep breathing, we evolve in ways that can shake up our entire world.  We may have new responsibilities we must find the courage to uphold, we must fight off old patterns of thinking and processing emotion to stay grounded in our new vision, we have to let go and relearn so many things.  But know that a new way of seeing is worth the deep breathing.

“One of the greatest challenges of finding your sacred purpose is that it shines a light to those areas of your life that are not alight with the same vibration.  When the soul is on fire, it burns through everything that doesn’t truly resonate with it, leaving only the karmic ash in its wake.  This is the up-framing nature of a growthful path – that which distracts us from the path, that which doesn’t share our new resonance, must be shed so that we can continue to evolve.  It’s not always easy to say farewell to relationships and familiar ways of being, but it comes with the territory…” ~ Jeff Brown

Om Shanti Om ~ Athea



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