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Megan Harper

Sol Sense Yoga Praise - Megan

“Sol Sense Yoga’s (Athea’s) introduction of mindfulness and self-regulation skills to over 300 of Harris County’s adjudicated residential juveniles had a fundamental and tremendous impact on the TAPS Academy’s goal of life skills transformation. We saw over 70% of our young men and women openly participating, which is unheard of for this population, while having fun and being exposed to healthy emotional coping skills. Utilizing Sol Sense Yoga’s systems and instruction, which complement what we see in criminological literature and evidence-based programming, our counselors were able to replicate strategies that reduced perceived stress and allowed for an increase in self-control and self-awareness. Athea was timely, organized, methodical, and able to accommodate to a very difficult environment. We look forward to a continued partnership in future projects!”


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